5 Important stretches to do every day

5 Important stretches to do every day

5 Important stretches to do every day

Stretching is something we usually underestimate but it can make some remarkable changes to our health. If you think you don’t need to stretch your muscles after performing some exercise, you must be mistaken because stretching is a process of bringing our muscles into a balanced position.

The best thing about stretching is that it can improve blood circulation, help deliver nutrients to your muscles and boost oxygen levels. The interesting part is that it can help with relieving tension and stress to an extent. Now that you’ve understood the importance of stretching your muscles, it’s time to take a look at 5 important stretches you must do every day.

Simple Hamstring Stretch

It’s the part of the body that helps with bending and flexing our knees. So, if you’re concerned about improving your walking and running stride, you should start stretching your hamstrings. Simply, sit on the ground with your toes pointing up while the legs are extended outward.

Now, keep your knees straight and slowly bend at the waist. Just repeat this motion three times and your back will stay strong for a long time.

Seated Spinal Twist

Your glute muscles start getting tight when you sit in the same position for hours. It can lead you to lower back pain and several knee injuries if you didn’t do anything about it. You need to sit on the ground and then bend your right knee towards the left arm. And do the same with the left knee. You need to perform this stretch for 15-30 seconds on both sides.

Ground Quadricep Stretch

Qudricpent Stretching is really important for runners. You need to lay down on your right side and try to grab your right food with your right hand. Hold it for 15-30 seconds and then do the same on the other side.

Calf Raises

It’s important to maintain your calf properly as it helps with maintaining your balance. You can perform the calf raises by lifting up to your toes while standing on a flat surface. You need to perform this motion 15-20 times to enjoy the best results.

Chest Opener

Stretching your chest doesn’t only improve the health of your heart but it also helps with maintaining your lungs. You need to stand straight on a flat surface with your hands touching your thighs. Now, stretch the arms together to stretch your chest effectively. Hold that position for 15-30 seconds and repeat it three times.

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